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Diet Plan - Lose weight now

Diet Plan - Lose weight now

Currently (Sep 11, 2014), my weight is about 70 kilograms ≈ 154 pounds. It was about 99 kilograms ≈ 218 pounds just 10 months ago. Losing weight wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. After having success in losing weight efficiently, I have decided to share my diet routine with my blog readers.

I followed this diet when I was 20 years old, and hence this diet plan should ideally suit teenage boys, or men who are in their early-20s. Others may try this too; after all it’s the human body, and the nutrition it needs should remain similar in most normal cases.

Prerequisites for following the diet plan

  • A heavy body - why read further if you do not fulfill this 😉
  • Self control - to avoid the junk food cravings
  • Patience - you cannot lose weight overnight
  • Determination (Most Important)

And if determination is what you lack, have a look at my picture below. I hope it helps inspiring you.

Abhishek Weight Loss


So, let’s begin with the diet plan!

Early morning (empty stomach): A glass full of hot or lukewarm water with honey and lemon.

Breakfast (strictly after bath): One cup of milk with Britannia 5 grain biscuits or Marie Digestive (3-4 biscuits) with a banana/boiled egg/egg omelette (and I am not paid by Britannia or Marie to say this).

2-3 hours after breakfast: Fruits (avoid Chikoos and Bananas). Apples are highly recommended.

Lunch: Salad consisting of Cucumber and/or Tomatoes. 2 chapatis without ghee and any traditional sabzi or dal. Have sprouts at least twice a week.

Evening snacks: A glass of milk or a vegetable soup with some salad. On some days khaakra or diet chivda should be fine too.

Dinner (try having it before 9 pm): 2 chapatis without ghee with any traditional sabzi or dal.

Additional Points:

  • Avoid fried food.
  • Avoid cheese, butter, and sweets (sugar) as much as possible.
  • Drink a lot of water. This may sound weird but make drinking water a hobby. Drink water when you are bored, even if you are not thirsty.
  • However, don't drink water within 30 minutes of having breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Avoid eating at unusual times.
  • Avoid drinking cold water.
  • Try avoiding rice, and if that is difficult then remove starch from rice before eating.

I followed this diet plan with absolutely ZERO EXERCISE and it worked flawlessly for me. I hope you follow it and it helps you in reducing your weight too.

All the best. Happy dieting! 🍎