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Hangman Game for Android

Hangman Game for Android

Description: A hangman game for Android where the user (or the player) has to try and guess the word by selecting one individual character at a time. The game includes several different user-selectable categories like World Country Capitals, Indian State Capitals, Country Names, Cricket, Bollywood and Football. The game also offers three different difficulty levels to player in an attempt to make the game more competitive, and has other basic options to enable or disable sound, pop-ups, etc.


  • Scores, wrong attempts left, attempted letters, and the hangman word all visible at a glance
  • Several categories of games to choose from (Cricket, Bollywood, World Countries, World Capitals, India Capitals, Football, etc)
  • Option to select from a variety of fonts
  • Three different difficulty levels, namely, Easy, Normal, and Hard
  • 'I Know It' feature to enter the word at one go
  • An option to research on the word if the player fails to identify it
  • Quick toggle to enable and disable sound effects
  • Simple, light and enjoyable

Download: Click HERE to download the game from the SlideMe App Store

Compatibility: Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above

Size: Approx 1.4mb

Technology used: Android (using Eclipse and Android SDK) and local file systems

Type of Project: Individual project, focused to enhance my programming skills

Year: 2013

Available on: SlideMe App Store (5,000+ downloads worldwide), Nokia X App Store, XDA-Developers Forum