I. Curricular Projects

1. Four in a Row (Game) – Click HERE to read more
Description: A basic 2-player game to insert coins in different columns with the aim to have 4 coins of the same color together, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
Technology used: Java (using Applets)
Type of Project: Group Project (Group of 4)
Year: 2012-13
Subject: Computer Graphics (Engineering Semester 4)


2. Web Demo Project on NGO for Animals
Description: A web project to demonstrate a full-fledged, interactive and descriptive website for an NGO for welfare for animals, consisting of articles, videos, awareness drives, databases to manage donations and spaces for 3rd party advertisements.
Technology used: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Oracle
Type of Project: Group Project (Group of 3)
Year: 2013
Subject: Web Engineering (Engineering Semester 5)


3. Airlines Management System
Description: A software targeted to manage huge databases of airlines and airports to handle their daily work on flights, the available airplanes, employee management, ticket scheduling, and ticket booking.
Technology used: Visual Studio 2010, MySQL (using XAMPP server)
Type of Project: Group Project (Group of 3)
Year: 2013
Subject: Database Management System (Engineering Semester 5)


4. Online Job Portal Management System
Description: A comprehensive project for an online job portal to maintain the accounts of people in search of jobs and companies recruiting people. The project handles analyzing the user’s Resume/CV and offering eligible jobs to him, and at the same time notifying the companies about eligible candidates, if any. The companies can post new openings, edit existing openings and based on the vacancies and salaries offered, the users can search for jobs filtered according to their needs and apply for them.
Technology used: Java (GUI built using NetBeans), Oracle
Type of Project: Group Project (Group of 2)
Year: 2013-14
Subject: Object Oriented Software Engineering (Engineering Semester 6)


5. Online Product Search – Work In Progress
Description: The project aims to offer the most optimized and precise search results for a product the user searches for. A user can search for a product, and based on his current location the application will return a list of physical stores, with the store’s location visible on a map, wherever the item is available for sale. At the same time, the software also aims to offer the description and price of the same product at a glance. Users will also be given an option to search for a product using a barcode if the barcode is available. And to make the application available on as many devices as possible, devices without a camera will also be able to use the barcode feature by manually entering the barcode number.
Technology to be used: Android Programming (using Eclipse and Android SDK), Java, Windows Phone, Oracle/MySQL, Google Maps API, Here Maps API
Type of Project: Group Project (Group of 3)
Position: Group leader
Status: In progress
Year: 2014-15
Subject: Engineering Final Year Project


II. Extra-curricular projects

This is a list of projects, applications and web applications which I have done outside my curriculum, primarily to enhance my skillsets and the same time to learn new things.

1. Hangman Game for Android – Click HERE to read the blog post
Description: A hangman game for Android where the user (or the player) has to try and guess the word by selecting one individual character at a time. The game includes several different user-selectable categories like World Country Capitals, Indian State Capitals, Country Names, Cricket, Bollywood and Football. The game also offers three different difficulty levels to player in an attempt to make the game more competitive, and has other basic options to enable or disable sound, pop-ups, etc.
Technology used: Android (using Eclipse and Android SDK) and local file systems
Type of Project: Individual project, focused to enhance my programming skills
Year: 2013
Available on: SlideMe App Store (5,000+ downloads worldwide), Nokia X App Store, XDA-Developers Forum

2. Encrypter – Decrypter Android Application
Description: An Android application encrypt and decrypt text data, implemented using my own encryption algorithm. The applications offers the user to type a text as an input, or to open a text file whose contents are to be encrypted. The encrypted text can be directly shared with others via email, SMS or other relevant applications, copied to clipboard and even be saved as a text file for later use. Similarly, the decryption part can take as an input a text input or a text file and display the original text back. The application also offers the sender to set a key which has to be used correctly by the receiver for successful decryption of the text.
Technology used: Android (using Eclipse and Android SDK) – Originally built in Visual Studio (Visual Basic) by me, later porting it on to the Android platform
Type of Project: Individual project, focused to enhance my programming skills
Year: 2013
Available on: Dev-Host and XDA-Developers Forum

3. ArVoSurAr (Area, Volume, Surface Area) Calculator Application for Android
Description: A basic calculator application built for Android devices, which calculates the area, volume, or the surface area of several different types of objects based on the dimensions specified by the user. The application is intended to be simple, precise and to-the-point with the primary aim being optimized calculations and faster display of results to the user.
Technology used: Android (using Eclipse and Android SDK)
Type of Project: Individual project, focused to enhance my programming skills
Year: 2013
Available on: Nokia X App Store, XDA-Developers