What I expect from the Google Nexus 6 (Nexus X)

Android L

The Google Nexus 6 may be called the Google Nexus X. Two reasons: First- The famous story Blade Runner features Nexus 6 super-advanced robots, hence can raise copyright issues. Second – To avoid nomenclature confusion for their next smartphone that will be the 7th Nexus as Google already has Nexus 7 which is a tablet. Irrespective of the … Read more

Hangman Game for Android

Hangman Screenshot

Description: A hangman game for Android where the user (or the player) has to try and guess the word by selecting one individual character at a time. The game includes several different user-selectable categories like World Country Capitals, Indian State Capitals, Country Names, Cricket, Bollywood and Football. The game also offers three different difficulty levels … Read more